Flexible veneers

10 mils and 20 mils paper back

Fabrication step :

These products are made by applying a backer that varies in thickness. After that, the veneer is flexed to tenderize the wood, sanded and cut to size as per your request.

Available size :

4x8 to 4x12, 5x8 to 5x10 and cut to size.

Approximate thickness :

.22 to .30 thousandths of an inch.

Use :

These products are really flexible which allows a lot of different use wheter flat lamination or small curved surface.

Although this product is really flexible it is important to use a high grade glue. We recommend PVA glue and also it’s important to apply a good pressure around 100 PSI. We suggest that you use a hydraulic press and if it’s not possible, the pressure has to be made with a piece of wood 18 inches long x 3 inch large cut with a right angle. ( The use of a J Rolls is prohibited ).