Flexible veneers

Peel and stick

Fabrication step :

This product is made by applying a layer of peel & stick at the back of a veneer that already as a paper back. After that the veneer is sanded and cut to size needed.

Disponible size :

2x8 to 4x12 and cut to size.

Thickness :

.030 to .035 thousandth of an inch.

Use :

This product is used increasingly to avoid the step of glue that can be hard sometimes when ready to install at the cutomers place. You only have to peel the back of the veneer, aligne it and apply it with a good pressure with a piece of wood, you have to remove the air that forms bubbles.

BE CAREFUL!!! This product needs to be use only on surfaces that does not have any dust and are smooth like : melamine, agglomereted board or pine fiber that has been seeled to the avoid dust and to maximize the adherence.

You have to try if first to be sure to have good result.