Our mission

Multiflex Veneers is a family business that started 5 years ago. The owners have a lot of experience that makes Multiflex Veneers a supplier where quality, experience and our low price are a priority.

The company just added a pannel production line and a CNC to offer a more large range of products to our customers. We also have an agreement with a supplier in edge banding and a supplier in reconstitute veneer to offer to our cutomer all you can need in the wood industrie.

Our Vision

Multiflex Veneers really believes that it’s succes is due to it’s partners but mostly to it’s complaint cutomers that is faithful from the beggining.

Our target for the futur is to offer always the best service and the best quality so that you will do the same to your cutomers. To succeed, Multiflex Venners is commiting to fulfill all your needs and establish the best method of work and to not forget the best quality.

We care for what you need and we are always looking for new products and new ways to produce the best at a lowest price.