Reconstitute veneer

For several years, another product has appeared, the reconstitute veneer. It’s starting to get very popular because it offers a lot of advantages that the natural wood can’t offer. The wood is produced from real wood but with low cost species it’s sliced, bleached and stain.

The veneer sheet are usually 27 inch large and 11 feet long, glued one on another and mixte with different colors following a special receipe to imitate the wood needed until it obtain a thick solid wood block from ( 27 x 27 inch x 11 feet).

After that the solid block is pressed in a press containing irregular plates and sliced in different angles. This will recreate different aspects of natural wood but with the possibility to make thousands of similar sheets in color and grain.

This method is an huge advantage when you have a big job that needs a lot of similar veneer sheets, such as kitchen cabinets, furniture, speaker and more.

We have a large variety of veneer at your disposal, more then 30 species with different cut that fit the needs of everyone.

                                               ATTENTION !!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

As the reconstituted veneers is made of died wood it's color is more susceptible to fade from sunlight. You can also have this situation with natural colored veners, so we hardly recommand to use UV protection finished products to minimize that effect.

Reconstituted Wood Species

Reconstituted Wood Species