Flexible veneers

Veneer back (2 ply)

Fabrication step :

This product is made by applying a layer of flexible veneer as a backer of veneer. We can do it in two ways, with a long grain backer, that will give a good flexibility to the veneer on the sense of the length or with a short grain backer, that will give rigidity and stability to the veneer. After that the veneer is flexed it softens the wood, then it’s sanded and then cut to the dimension needed.

Disponible size :

4x8 to 4x12 and cut to size.

Thickness :

35 to .045 thousandth of an inch.

Use :

This product is more rigid then the paper back backer. This gives the product a great stability.

This product still needs a good pressure to laminate it and you can use a contact ciment glue. You can use the J roll to make it if you don’t have any other way like if it’s a curved surface. You have to try if first to be sure to have good results.