At Multiflex Veneers you will find a wide range of natural and reconstituted veneers. In both types, we offer domestic or exotic woods in different dimensions and thicknesses.

You will find:

Flexible Veneers

Paperbacked, polybacked, phenolic backed, wood on wood.

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Laminated wood panels

Particle core, MDF core and veneer core.

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Edge Banding

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As you can see, we offer a complete line of products that can be used for kitchen cabinets, commercial furniture, special packaging, wall design, ceiling tiles and more. Usage of our products is limited only by your imagination. You have a special creation idea? Tell us and we will help you fulfill it.

Buying at Multiflex Veneers will help you obtain products of unequalled consistency in flexible veneers, wood panels or edge banding. You can also have these three products matched in color and grain.

Buying everything at the same place will simplify your life :

  • One order
  • Same quality
  • Fast shipping
  • Satisfaction