In 2008, we bought a whole line of laminated panel production. This acquisition allows us to offer more to our customers. We can offer oversized panels from 4×8 to 5×12 and from ¼ to 1 1/12 thicknesses and cut to size.

We don’t cut our panels after lamination. We only cut the oversized veneer. We also bought a CNC that can cut the panel to the size needed. You only have to add the edge banding to finish your product which allows the saving of time and money.

We offer 3 different kinds of panels:

Particle board

Used in the furniture industry, kitchen cabinets.

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Medium Density Fiberboard is a medium density fiber board.

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Veneer core

Consisting of several sheets of veneer unrolled, thick from 0.8 to 4 mm.

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